Design your cleaning service

Design Your Cleaning Service


Hi there I have a newly built duplex
My home is relatively clean
I only need my
Washrooms cleaned I have 3 full and one half and floors washed my entire
House is 2200 sqft all flooring and my
Kitchen cabinets wiped and baseboards I wanted to book bi weekly if you could quote me on that I have had a previous cleaning company clean here before we
Moved in June 28th

Also does your cleaning company wash by hands and Knees like other
Cleaning companies ?

Incas September 22, 2019

Saw the photo of my best pal and want him to come over and play. He is bored with you and the apt.

Max July 16, 2019

Hi There, looking for a basic move-out clean.

Shauna June 26, 2019

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