Save up to 50% off your house cleaning service as a training home!


As Karmiclean® grows, we select the best candidates to join our team of cleaning consultants. Along with their Glisten Academy training, they work toward ICCC certification. As part of this process, they need to practice in real customer homes, and that's where you come in! We occasionally require "training homes" for our staff to work in and will give you up to 50% off your house cleaning service in exchange for the use of your home and providing us a report.

Appointment Instructions 

You will need to meet the cleaning consultant at the beginning of your appointment in order to evaluate their arrival and greeting. You do not have to stay home after you have met your cleaner, though you will need to be the first one home in order to evaluate the cleaning. You will be required to evaluate her uniform, greeting, cleaning kit, arrival time, as well as their work, and ensure they left behind the required paperwork and/or marketing materials. 

Written Evaluation 

The report/evaluation will take approximately 10 minutes of your time. The report/evaluation will be filled out online and must be submitted within 24 hours of your appointment ending. The link to the report will be provided to you.

To apply, fill out the Training Home application form.

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